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Dana M. (Chicago, IL): The cards are fantastic and a great talking piece. I have received nothing but great feedback. People think they are a great idea. Let me know if your company would be interested at any point in a third party quote from a customer. I am happy to do so.

From a major book publishing company:  The posters look fabulous! Thanks Ed!

Dominique M. (Woodbury, CT): Please feel free to use this card as a positive example of your work/understanding of customer needs. Everyone I've shown it to, loves it! I think you have a market here. Just needs to be aggressively promoted, as I will, by passing mine out to the 'right' people. Hopefully I will land an interesting consulting job from this intro.  

From a New York-based Designer: Just wanted to let you know I thought the Gala pieces looked great.  Thanks for the good work!

Inna K. (New York, NY):  I LOVE the cards. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Cathy J. (Stamford, CT): Most importantly, the red is a great shade and I love the overall design. So thank you, again!!! Thank you so much for taking such a personal interest. I so appreciate it!!

From a New England magazine publisher:  We'll definitely use you again - the pieces you did were beautiful and well-priced.

MaryEllen C. (Worcester, MA) : Fabulous - I am sharing this with many friends!!!!!

From Style Editor at Major Magazine to President of a Public Relations Company:  Please speak to my pal Judi Cuervo, who works at Nova Offset printing. They do a terrific job and seem to have very competitive prices.

From a New York-based Graphic Artist with a recording industry specialty:  I received the samples this afternoon...LOOKING GREAT!  The colors certainly POP!!!!  Many thanks!