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Until Now, promoting your magazines and books to your field force, wholesalers, retailers or consumers meant the development of concept and copy and a search for the appropriate printer to finish the job.

Today, developing promotional materials becomes a simple one-stop process, thanks to Nova Graphics' vast printing experience, together with the addition of a new Creative Department.

Thanks to Newsstand Expressions, your next promotion piece is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Call Nova Graphics at (212) 349-4545 or e-mail and explain your objective as well as the type of material you would like created (i.e., flyer, brochure, promotional postcard, or display materials).

2. Our Creative Department will work with you, providing drafts and incorporating your revisions until the finished piece is perfect.

  1. 3.If necessary or desired, Nova Graphics will print your materials, ship (or drop ship) the packages to your door or to multiple addresses provided.

With Nova Graphics' Newsstand Expressions, you are assured that your job is handled by newsstand experts every step of the way. And, because all of our functions are under one roof, you'll likely find your promotion costs are lower and easier to keep track of than using the services of multiple vendors.

Let Nova Newsstand Expressions become or enhance your current Creative Services Department! For copywriting, design, or even just printing files developed by your in-house Creative Department, go to the newsstand experts!