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Nova Graphics is proud to offer environmentally
printing services

Why choose a certified paper?

We all have to play a part in protecting the environment. At Nova Graphics we have implemented many recycling and waste management procedures to reduce our impact on the environment. As people become increasingly concerned about where and how their products are made, they are demanding that companies use paper products that come from sustainable and responsible sources. By choosing an FSC certified paper you are guaranteed that your printed jobs meet these demands.

Our Commitment

Nova Graphics' on going commitment to help preserve the environment. Our sustainability efforts also include:

  1. BulletUsing chemical-free printing plates

  2. BulletPrinting with 100% vegetable based inks

  3. BulletRecommending the most eco-friendly papers available

  4. BulletRecycling all waste paper

  5. BulletRecycling all printing plates

By providing environmentally friendly printing services, Nova is able to partner with you to promote your environmental leadership and fulfill your mandates to purchase greener goods and services.

Because you



our forests

Because you want accountability

in managing natural


Because you are interested in making

a difference